Thursday, February 4

Caring for the Cox Family Card Gallery


 Welcome to the Caring for the Cox Family Blog Hop!
If you've just wandered in, you'll want to start from the very beginning to get the whole story,
find out how you can help, and hop along so you don't miss anything.

With all the wonderful people involved in this hop, 
I'm sure you've seen lots of amazing inspiration as you hopped here.
This stop on the hop is a little different from the rest.

I've been a big fan of Ann's for quite some time.
She was one of the first to leave comments on my little blog way back when I first started blogging,
we've been on design teams together,
we share a love of baseball
and she's one of the kindest, funniest, and caring people in all of blogland.
Life has smacked her family pretty darn hard and they need our love and support and kindness in a big way.
If you are able to make a donation, a Go Fund Me page has been set up that you can access here.

I thought it would be wonderful if we could create a gallery of cards here for her and Kevin and little Liam.
So, this stop is your chance to post your own card for Ann and her family. 

This is not a challenge, and the gallery will remain open for the entire month of February.
Whatever your style, from Clean And Simple to Utterly Adorable Layers and anything in between,
lets leave them cards of well wishes, encouragement, and lots of love
to keep them powering through.

Simply use the linky tool below to add your card from your blog or SCS or Flickr gallery.

Thank you for contributing and making this a bright spot for the Cox Family to visit :)


Ashley Newell said...

Thank you for sponsoring this hop and for your love and support for the Cox family! You are amazing and I appreciate you so very much!

Roxanne O'Brien said...

Seeing the outpouring of support makes me proud to be part of the papercrafting community. This is such a beautiful way to show support. My heart and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

ScrapaDiddle said...

We donated and will pray for their family!

~amy~ said...

Thank you for sponsoring the hop're AWESOME.

Karen B. said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing thank you! I donated a little hoping it can help and hope to make a card too!

Kim said...

Thank for participating in the blog hop and for being a sponsor! I love your stamps!!

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet idea. Ann and her family are blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends in the card making community. Thanks for sponsoring this hop and for giving the opportunity for people to post cards to show support and encouragement for this family.

Mary said...

How wonderful that you are sponsoring such a collaborative and supportive group hug for the Cox family!! I'm sure that it means so very much to them!! Thanks so much, and many prayers are heading their way!!

Lisa Lara said...

Great idea Michelle!

JoLynn said...

Thanks for your sponsorship! A bunch of us are big fans of your work! Your participation means a lot to Ann.

Susan Raihala said...

Thanks so much for stepping up for the Cox family! I love your stamps and your heart!

StampinLouie said...

What a great thing to do for this family. I sure they appreciate it and feel the love.

Leanne said...

The papercrafting community is truly awesome. My prayers for the Cox family & hope to make a card.

Kristie Goulet said...

You are awesome, Michele! Thank you for sponsoring and helping out the Cox family! xoxo
I hope to make a card for them.
Praying for the Cox family! ♥

Unknown said...

so sweet!

Christy Q said...

Thank you for sponsoring the hop, Michele! It's so wonderful to see bloggers band together to help others. I'll be back later this week to link up. Thank you again for providing the linky!

halomom said...

Thanks for setting up this gallery. I know the family will appreciate it so much.

Arianna Barbara said...

These card are so sweet and beautiful! Sending prayers for the Cox family! <3

Tracy Freeman said...

Amazing of you to sponsor this hop, for such a great family. I love being part of such an amazing community. I will making a donation ASAP. I am sending so much love, luck and hugs to Ann and Family xxx