Friday, June 26

DT Farewell

And that's a wrap!

We're here today with a special post.
I've got
  sad news,
good news
  exciting news!

The sad news is that our design term has just ended.
Can you believe it's been 6 months since the Girl Fridays got started?
Time certainly does fly when you're having a blast!
They've brought you inspiration, 
They've left you bloggy love,
and they've sprouted a few gray hairs choosing their favorite projects each month.
Please join me in saying farewell to this fabulous team!
Please be sure to stop by their blogs and leave some love.
It really does matter!


The good news is that we will be introducing you to a 
NEW fabulous CAS-ual Fridays team
when we get back from our short break for the July 4th weekend.
I'm really excited for you to meet them.
They are awesomely talented and just about to burst at the seams from keeping their secrets!

Now for the exciting news...
What is better than 1 super fun and inspiring challenge?
How about 2 super fun and inspiring challenges??

That's right!
CAS definitely stands for Clean And Simple.
But, there are 3 more letters in our name.
u.a.l.  Utterly Adorable Layers!

We will be introducing a brand new challenge for the
UAL designers!
we've got a fabulous team of designers who are
equally excited to spill their beans and who will knock your socks off
with their inspiring work.
We've got more exciting announcements coming soon so be sure to follow along with us on:
our facebook page

our company blog

It's going to be a fun summer!!!!!
Join us here Monday for our Happy Hour post
and more details!!


Cindy C. said...

Fairwell laides!! Wishing you all the best in whatever comes next in your plan.

Looking forward to see whats install after the break!! Happy July 4th to all at CAS-ual Friday!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Very exciting! Farewell to the the departing DT - wishing you well!